3KASHAM = 3K+ashram 

"3KASHAM is composed of 3K and ashram"

" 3K reflects a mirror image, as '3' and 'K' are symmetrical on the visual sense, and ashram means shelter"

"According to Lacan's mirror stage theory, the ego is formed by the image of the other.  To recognize 'I' is like recognizing oneself as another ('yes, the person over there is me')   "

"We omitted the 'r' of the ashram, which means to abandon the roof of the shelter and threshold of community superiority  "

"3KASHAM is the mirror shelter where people can find individuals and communities that reflect/similar to  themselves   "

"3KASHAM is looking for individuals who have similar cognitions, as well as building a community with mutual identities around 041125  "

3KASHAM as an independent design unit that integrates fashion, functionality, and non-conformity. Inspired by individuality and our surrounding world.



3KASHAM explores the possibility of garments with functional and advanced design combined with offbeat and peculiar materials.



Functionality, Deconstruction, Cyberpunk, Minimalist, and High-street are all embodiments of 3KASHAM.


Manufacturing based in China with the core value of the brand.